A great American bakery that is not a cupcake shop.
A wide variety of fresh foods, plus cookbooks and marshmallows.

Bubby’s Pie Company
Traditional family recipes (pulled pork! cherry pie!) shared with Tribeca for 20+ years.

Duane Park Patisserie
Home of The Magic Cupcake! French technique and artistic vision combined to create delicious and
decadent works of art.

Grandaisy Bakery
Grandaisy Bakery is a European-style bakeshop tailored to modern New York sensibilities. They
 specialize in rustic Italian breads and pastries, Roman-style pizzas, and gourmet Panini.

Tribeca Treats
Specialty bakery with chocolates, cookies, cupcakes and cakes to satisfy the sweet tooth of even the
most discerning clients.  Plus, chic and clever greeting cards and paper goods for entertaining or gift-