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The Tribecas/ESPN Sports Film Festival, the premier showcase of sports and competition films, offers sports fans and film buffs alike the opportunity to screen new films that are changing the sports landscape. The section features stories about some of the greatest, and in some cases unknown teams, competitions, and superior athletes.
ESPN + Tribeca: Sports Film Festival
Film Title Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable Directed by Aaron Lieber

One of the most fearless and accomplished athletes of her generation, Bethany Hamilton became a surfing wunderkind when she returned to the sport following a devastating shark attack at age 13. Now she faces her biggest challenge yet: motherhood.

Film Title Roll Red Roll Directed by Nancy Schwartzm

At a 2012 pre-season high-school football party in Steubenville, Ohio, a young woman was sexually assaulted. The aftermath exposed an entire culture of complicity—and Roll Red Roll maps out the roles that peer pressure, denial, sports machismo, and social media each played in the tragedy.

Film Title Crossroads Directed by Ron Yassen

Despite never having played the game before, a group of underprivileged teens emerge as a talented lacrosse team under the tutelage of Coach Bobby Selkin in this inspiring documentary.

Film Title Home + Away Directed by Matt Ogens

For the mostly Mexican-American students of El Paso's Bowie High School, sports can offer a path to a better life. Home + Away follows three students as they pursue that route in search of success.

Film Title Kaiser: The Greatest Footballer Never To Play Football Directed by: Louis Myles

Soccer stars were at the center of the scene in the glamorous nightlife meccas of 1980s Brazil. But in their midst, one of the biggest sports celebrities of his generation harbored a secret: He had never played a single game.

Film Title When She Runs Directed by: Robert Machoian and Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck

Kristin is a young mother struggling to get by in her small town. One all-consuming passion—the chance to train for Olympic gold with a world-renowned running coach—offers a possible escape.