The Tribeca Family Festival is proud to screen a collection of shorts made by young filmmakers. Downtown Youth Behind the Camera is presented as part of the Festival’s commitment to giving young filmmakers a venue for their creativity, and encouraging them to express themselves through this vital art form.

The Tribeca Family Festival gratefully acknowledges the youth programs and their teachers and advisors who have contributed to this program:

Automatic Studios - Che Chisholm, Peter Vietro-Hannum, Max Seiler, Adriana Rios, Wyatt Maker, Patricia Hannum and Chandra Silver – Special Thanks to the Made in NY Media Center & Broadway Stages

Children’s Museum of the Arts – Teaching Artists - Natalie Reneau, Joe Vena and Camilo Cardenas

Manhattan Youth

The Combinations: Jamie Watkins

Zombie vs. Skeletons: Cory Antiel, Gaby Alter

The Treasure Hunt: Cory Antiel

New York International Children’s Film Festival: Aaron Hughes

Take Two Film Academy

My Zombie Roommate: Matthew Makar, Jason Santel, Megan Kiefer

Imaginary Friend:  Jason Santel, Myles Green, Megan Kiefer

Writopia Lab: Jon Zimmerman, Ethan Shafran-Moltz and Eunju Namkung



Writopia Lab Presents The Haunting – Movie Trailer      (1:02)

Production Team: Jason Woohyuk Jun & Nicole Pinero

Participating Students: Ava Neumaier & Sonya Azencott

Manhattan Youth Presents The Combination                     (6:56)

Filmmakers: Martin Rizk, Nadia Tomasini, Ava Whitney, Maxim Dybal-Denysenko, Monica Rizk, Alexi Bonfils, Guy Parkin and Devin Horwich


Take Two Film Academy Presents

My Zombie Roommate                                                       (3:21)

Filmmaker: Ishaan Iyengar, Alec Chen, Antonia Kogan, Justin Larkey and Nick Dunphy

New York International Children’s Film Festival Presents

Show and Tell                                                                       (6:17)

Filmmakers: Leopold Auray, Josie Benton, Konstantin Dubovskiy, Michael Franceschi, Eleanor Gau, Lucien Gau, Lauren Landy, Emmett Miller, Gabriel Paley, Sofia Panek, Juhyuk Park, Nio Parris-Rodriguez, Lhatso Patala, Michael Portnoy and Henry Turner

Manhattan Youth Presents Zombies vs. Skeletons           (2:11)

Filmmakers: Cory Coppola, Carmen DiPietro, Sofia Luce Frugiuele, Lauren Khine, Maxim Lamoureux, Juliet Leidner, Ryan Littles, George Moniot, Christopher Perez and Sarah Thompson

CMA Films Presents It’s All Greek to Me                           (7:16)

Filmmakers: Reema Shah Demopoulos, Martin Revelo, Nathan Economou, Leo Mitchell, Teddy Greensfelder, Louis Goldberg, Melissa Brockley, Louise Crary, Lila Muscosky, Izadora Kashper, Serena Zarin,

Isabella Flamm, Ian Shearer, Paley Goldberg, Sofia Abrahamson,

Josephine Benton and Elijah Floyd

Automatic Studios Presents Project Z                                (4:57)

Filmmakers: Andreas, Asha, Frankie, Harry, Julia, Knox, Nick and Ona

*The following film may contain scenes that could be scary for some children

Take Two Film Academy Presents *Imaginary Friend     (3:47)

Filmmakers: Sofia Garcia-Peña, Sofia Bagdade, Anna Tunstall and Eleana Merola

Manhattan Youth Presents The Treasure Hunt                 (7:59)

Filmmakers:  Mavi Celebi, Catherine Dell’Olio, Sebastian Hampel, Giselle Shahi, Seth Truman, Isaiah Maxwell, Aquiles Larrea and Stanley Lam


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