Tribeca Talks: At Home – Inheritance

Tribeca Talks: At Home

World Premiere



Lauren Monroe (Lily Collins) is a rising young district attorney who has dedicated her life to being a public servant despite the expectations of her wealthy and powerful New York family. When her mogul father suddenly dies, he leaves her a flash drive and set of keys that lead to a shocking secret hidden beneath her family’s estate. Torn between protecting her father’s sinister past and exposing the truth in the name of justice, Lauren finds herself in an endless web of lies and deceit, uncovering secrets from her father’s life that threaten to destroy the very fabric of her influential family.

With riveting supporting performances from Simon Pegg, Chase Crawford, and Connie Nielsen, this unpredictable thriller exposes the complex depths of family loyalty and the intergenerational consequences of hidden truths. Director Vaughn Stein masterfully contrasts Monroe's world of old money and privilege with the dark secrets hidden below its opulent surface. Intense pacing and psychological anguish ground this exciting film, making it a haunting and unforgettable ride.—Sarah Dawson

Tribeca is proud to bring our signature conversations online with Tribeca Talks: At Home. Join us on Tribeca social channels throughout May for a series of intimate, festival-style Q&As with Tribeca-selected creators, many of whose work will already be available to enjoy at home.