Tribeca Festival Juneteenth Program

Tribeca’s Juneteenth Programming will celebrate the richness of Black stories and storytellers from the African Diaspora across feature and short films, Tribeca Talks, Immersive, podcasts, music and other special events during the Festival.

As part of our incredible lineup, Lena Waithe and her company Hillman Grad Productions teamed up with Indeed, our Juneteenth Programming partner, to create Rising Voices. This diverse filmmaker program will debut 10 short films from Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) creators. We are also introducing the “Black Filmmaker Foundation Panel: Is the Past Really Past?”, which will feature a discussion with notable writers, directors and actors.

For the first time ever, Tribeca will present The Harry Belafonte Voices For Social Justice Award named for the famed actor, activist and civil rights leader. This award recognizes outstanding individuals who have used storytelling and the arts to enact change in their communities and we’re proud to announce Stacey Abrams as the inaugural recipient. She is being honored for her exceptional leadership, service and commitment to fighting against social and political injustices.

The Juneteenth Programming will culminate on Juneteenth (Saturday, June 19th). We are excited for you to enjoy our carefully curated selections below.


Ceremony to present the inaugural Harry Belafonte Voices For Social Justice Award, recognizing creators at the intersection of art and activism

Recipient: Stacey Abrams is a New York Times bestselling author, an entrepreneur, and political leader. A tax attorney by training, she served eleven years in the Georgia House of Representatives, seven as Minority Leader, and became the 2018 Democratic nominee for governor of Georgia, where she won more votes, at the time, than any other Democrat in the state’s history. She is the founder of Fair Fight, Fair Count, and the Southern Economic Advancement Project. Her first legal thriller, While Justice Sleeps, was published on May 11, 2021. Tribeca is honored to host Stacey Abrams for a candid glimpse into this political icons vision for America. Tickets 



Directed by: Jamila Wignot

Told by the man himself, interwoven with decades of awe-inspiring dance footage of his world-famous dance company, Ailey recounts Alvin Ailey’s life story, from humble his Texan beginnings to becoming one of the most iconic choreographers of his generation. Tickets

as of yet

Directed by: Chanel James, Taylor Garron

Told entirely through video calls and digital diaries, Naomi (Taylor Garron who also writes and co-directs) navigates a problematic roommate and a burgeoning romance all while locked down during the Coronavirus pandemic. Tickets

BITCHIN’: The Sound and Fury of Rick James

Directed by: Sacha Jenkins

This incredibly entertaining profile of legendary funk/R&B icon Rick James captures the peaks and valleys of his storied career to reveal a complicated and rebellious soul, driven to share his talent with the world. Tickets

Buddy Guy: The Blues Chase the Blues Away

Directed by: Charles Todd, Devin Amar, and Matt Mitchener

A music-filled profile of guitar legend Buddy Guy, whose unique, intense style, forged from years of gigging in Chicago clubs, inspired generations of blues musicians. Tickets

Choice of Weapons: Inspired by Gordon Parks

Directed by: John Maggio

This documentary chronicles renaissance man Gordon Parks’ stellar career from staff photographer for LIFE magazine, through his artistic development photographing everyday Americans, through his evolution as a novelist and groundbreaking filmmaker. Tickets

Death Of My Two Fathers

Directed by: Sol Guy

After putting it off for twenty years, filmmaker Sol Guy finally confronts the six tapes his father recorded before dying. Using those tapes as a framework, he recounts his family’s story—and his own—for his two teenage kids. Tickets

Ferguson Rises

Directed by: Mobolaji Olambiwonnu

Before George Floyd, before Breonna Taylor, before America knew about Black Lives Matter, there was Michael Brown, Jr. Six years after the fatal shooting of an unarmed Brown by a white police officer, and the subsequent days of protest, filmmaker Mobolaji Olambiwonnu brings a new portrait of the community of Ferguson, the family and friends of Michael Brown, and a narrative from within the city of hope, love and renewal. Tickets

The Legend of the Underground

Directed by: Giselle Bailey and Nneka Onuorah

A timely documentary uncovering rampant discrimination in Nigeria while exploring the lives of several non conformist men who must choose to live imperiled lives there or flee to the USA. Tickets

The Neutral Ground

Directed by: CJ Hunt

With sharp humor and a critical sense of curiosity, comedian CJ Hunt documents the fraught removal of four Confederate monuments in New Orleans. As the scope of his film expands, Hunt investigates the origins of a romanticized Confederacy and confronts hard truths much of America has yet to face. After the Movie: A conversation with CJ Hunt, executive producer Roy Wood Jr. (The Daily Show), and Pulitzer-Prize winning creator of the 1619 Project, Nikole Hannah-Jones on confronting the ongoing legacy of America’s Original Sin.  Tickets

No Running

Directed by: Delmar Washington

When a young Black man’s girlfriend mysteriously disappears, he’s forced to go on the run, staying one step ahead of suspicious police to clear his name and to find out if otherworldly forces are to blame. Tickets

The One and Only Dick Gregory

Directed by: Andre Gaines

This revealing portrait of comedian/activist Dick Gregory documents his many personal reinventions throughout the decades, from celebrity to civil rights hero and beyond, while hearing from the incredible entertainers who have been inspired by his blueprint. Tickets

Queen of Glory

Directed by: Nana Mensah

Ghanaian-American Sarah (Nana Mensah) is all set to abandon her Ivy League doctoral program to follow her married lover across the country. Her plans are derailed, however when her mother’s sudden death leaves her the owner of a neighborhood bookshop in the Bronx. Tickets

She Paradise

Directed by: Maya Cozier

When naïve teenager Sparkle joins a dance crew of confident older girls, she encounters an alluring but unsettling new world of sex and money in this snapshot of sisterhood in Trinidad and Tobago. Tickets

The Sit-In: Harry Belafonte Hosts The Tonight Show

Directed by: Yoruba Richen

While the country was embroiled in a divisive election with racial tensions flaring, civil rights activist Harry Belafonte guest hosted The Tonight Show for one week in 1968 transforming it into a multicultural political experience. Tickets


Directed by: Michèle Stephenson

In 2013, the Dominican Republic stripped the citizenship of anyone with Haitian parents, rendering over 200,000 people without nationality, identity or homeland. Stateless explores this complex history and politics through one young woman’s fight to protect the right to citizenship for all people. Tickets

Stockholm Syndrome

Directed by: The Architects

Musician and cultural icon A$AP Rocky explores his life and career while fighting for his freedom after being arrested in Stockholm, Sweden.  Placed in solitary confinement amidst the rising tensions of the case becoming a global media storm reaching the highest levels of government, Rocky contemplates who he truly is and how this experience will shape who he is meant to become. Tickets

Through the Night

Directed by: Lora Limbal

This poignant and intimate documentary examines the emotional toll of our modern economy on families, told through the lens of a 24-hour daycare center in Westchester, New York. Tickets

Venus as a Boy

Directed by: Ty Hodges

Fresh off a heartbreak, enigmatic starving artist Hunter and alluring, confident Ruby have a whirlwind romance in Venice Beach, but can it survive the harsh realities of her glitzy NYC art world? Tickets

Yusuf Hawkins: Storm Over Brooklyn

Directed by: Muta'Ali

In 1989, a black youth was murdered in Brooklyn when he was misidentified as the boyfriend of a local white girl. The aftermath of Yusuf Hawkins' death exploded into a social movement, exposing racial prejudices that continues to plague us today. Tickets


In partnership with Emmy® Award-winning writer, creator and actor Lena Waithe and her company Hillman Grad Productions, Indeed presents Rising Voices was created to uncover, invest in and share stories created by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) filmmakers across the US around the meaning of work and the idea that jobs have the power to change us all. Indeed, Ventureland, 271 Films and PRETTYBIRD filmmakers and program mentors Calmatic, Paul Hunter and Melina Matsoukas selected the 10 winning screenplays and supported the filmmakers throughout the program and productions.

Indeed presents Rising Voices will debut 10 shorts from 10 Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) filmmaker teams. Participating filmmakers include: Johnson Cheng, David Fortune, Stacy Pascal Gaspard, Deondray & Quincy LeNear Gossfield, Kantú Lentz, Boma Iluma, Gabriela Ortega, Dre Ryan, Elisee Junior St. Preux, Shelly Yo.

P&G Presents Queen Collective & 8:46

Procter & Gamble in partnership with Tribeca Studios will premiere 8 original films as part of Widen The Screen, an expansive content creation, talent development, and partnership platform that celebrates creativity and enables Black Creators to share the full richness of the Black experience.


Back for its third year, Queen Collective will debut four documentaries, supported by Procter & Gamble and created by four diverse young women, aimed at accelerating gender and racial equality behind the camera.

After the Screening: actor, producer Queen Latifah will be joined by the year-three Queen Collective filmmakers.

Black Birth

Directed by: Haimy Assefa

Three expectant mothers, including the director, navigate the joys, fears, and complexity of Black motherhood in America. Tickets

Change the Name

Directed by: Cai Thomas

Student activists and educators from Village Leadership Academy campaign to change the name of a park from a slaveholder to abolitionists Anna Murray and Frederick Douglass in Chicago's North Lawndale neighborhood. Tickets

Game Changer

Directed by: Tina Charles

Tanya DePass, a lifelong Chicagoan and African-American gamer, is determined to make the gaming industry more inclusive for everyone, including people like her. Tickets

A Song of Grace

Directed by: Arielle Knight

A Song of Grace tells a poetic story about a Black mother raising an exceptional young artist. Tickets


A collective of Black creative executives, collaborated with Tribeca Studios and Procter & Gamble to produce four short films influenced by the length of time it took for George Floyd’s life to change the world, reclaiming the story to build a legacy of hope.

After the Screening: A conversation with the 8:46 Filmmakers and special guests.


Directed by: Cai Thomas

In this playful comedy, three kids worry that their beloved school bus driver will be lonely this summer without them. They set out to find her a partner and imagine the perfect matches. Tickets

Pearl and Henry

Directed by: Gibrey Allen

Pearl and Henry enjoy the simple pleasures of their daily routine. Despite the changing world around them, they find comfort and peace in a connection built on decades of joy, vulnerability, and trust. Tickets

She Dreams at Sunrise

Directed by: Camrus Johnson

In this heartwarming animated film, an elderly woman escapes her mundane reality through her dreams while her great-nephew helps reconnect her to what she's really missing. Tickets

Slow Pulse

Directed by: Marshall Tyler

In this moving story of love and dedication, Bernard Brash heals and finds hope by learning how to dance. Tickets


Enjoy these shorts celebrating Juneteenth.

19 Seventy Free: Part 1

Directed by: Louis Bryant III, AmaYah Harrison

19 Seventy Free is a visual EP celebrating the complexities of black love and artistic freedom with music as its primary voice. Tickets

Cherry Lemonade

Directed by: Aisha Ford

On a hot summer day in the hood, a Black girl (Eris Baker) learns to take the lead on her own terms. Tickets


Directed by: Caleb Slain

A dream, a nightmare, a musical. Ten years in the making, welcome to the stormy inner world of one boy (Nathan Nzanga) growing up in America. Tickets

Magnolia Bloom

Directed by: Tayo Amos

In 1950s Las Vegas, a black singer (Lex Scott Davis) is on the verge of her big break, but she risks it all when she learns her audience won't be integrated. Tickets


Directed by: TJ O’Grady-Peyton

A young man (Kai Joseph Keenan-Felix) wanders around the city, where people wearing masks come and go. One day, he finds a girl (Lauryn Bryan) dancing ballet in an abandoned building. Tickets


Directed by: Agazi Desta

A Black, deaf teen (Omete Anassi) wants “Waves” for prom night, but his haircut falls into the hands of an inattentive, rookie barber (Jason Dalhouse). Tickets


Outdoor in-person Immersive installations at various locations throughout NYC; these experiences are free and open to everyone throughout the Festival. Those available virtually can be accessed via the Tribeca Festival website.

Breonna's Garden

Directed by: Lady PheOnix Ruach Shaddai

She who plants a garden plants hope. Breonna's Garden is an AR experience created in collaboration with Ju’Niyah Palmer to honor the life of her sister, Breonna Taylor. Tickets


Project Creator: Idris Brewster, Glenn Cantave, Micah Milner

Kinfolk is an augmented reality app that highlights Black and Brown figures. The viewer can use Kinfolk to bring digital monuments to life through a phone/tablet, hear voice overs for each icon, see generative art emanating from every sculpture and listen to an original afrofuturist jazz composition. Tickets

Jupiter Invincible

Project Creator: Ram Devineni

An augmented reality comic book about an African-American slave, Jupiter, who is suddenly given the power of immortality. Tickets


Project Creator: Tamara Shogaolu

Say their names. Know their stories. Visit the Un(re)solved installation and use augmented reality to bring civil rights era murders, often racist killings, out of the shadows of the past Tickets


VR experiences are accessible through the Museum of Other Realities to those who have an Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality users. Oculus Quest users can access the MOR using Oculus Link or the Virtual Desktop application that connects a wireless headset with a VR-ready PC. Tickets go on sale May 24.

Changing Same: Episode 1

Directed by: Michèle Stephenson, Joe Brewster, Yasmin Elayat

The Changing Same is a magical realist, immersive, episodic virtual reality experience where the participant travels through time and space to witness the connected historical experiences of racial injustice in America. Tickets


Project Creator: Rise-Home Stories Project

When the sudden disappearance of water, their main life-source, threatens to upend a vibrant utopia, Blaze, an intrepid teen must save their community before it’s too late. Created through a unique collaboration of artists, land, and housing activists, Mine is an animated web series that explores the difficult and worthwhile fight for the community you love. Tickets

POV: Points of View

Project Creator: GRX Immersive Labs

Los Angeles 2025: After serving two years in prison for biometric hacking, Cassius Moore (JJ Green), a 21-year-old black male, qualifies for early release under a new federal drone surveillance program. Assigned to him, is an AI-weaponized drone that follows him, recording his every move. It awakens him to re-examine his civil liberties and challenge the algorithm in a world programmed with artificial intelligence. Tickets


David Makes Man

(Oprah Winfrey Network) – Season 2 World Premiere

David (Kwame Patterson and Akili McDowell) is in his 30s, a rising businessman facing an opportunity that will change him and his community forever. After the Screening: A conversation with series creator and executive producer, Tarell McCraney, and showrunner, Dee Harris-Lawrence. Tickets


(Starz) – World Premiere

As Ashley (Jasmine Cephas Jones) is ready to ring in the new year with Miles (Rafael Casal), she finds him being dragged out of their apartment and into the back of a squad car. After the Screening: A conversation with cast members Rafael Casal, Jasmine Cephas Jones and Helen Hunt. Tickets


7 Years: A Conversation with Tariq "Black Thought" Trotter and Zola Mashariki

To mark the release of 7 Years, an Audible Original Words + Music production from rapper and The Roots frontman Tariq Trotter, join this exclusive conversation between the performer and Head of Audible Studios Zola Mashariki. The two will discuss Trotter’s innovative audio production, the evolution of his singular creative voice, the unique joy of Black storytelling, and the integration of song and story to create something truly exceptional for listeners. Tickets

Live Recording: Resistance

Resistance is a widely acclaimed narrative nonfiction podcast from Gimlet Media and Spotify. It was released last fall by a homegrown team inspired by the extraordinary movements for Black lives sweeping the country. Resistance takes listeners to the frontlines to hear stories from the generation fighting for change. Host Saidu Tejan-Thomas Jr. and guests are coming to Tribeca to do a special live recording of a Fuck Your Water Fountain Episode, a segment on the podcast that celebrates little known stories of historical resistance. Tickets

Live Recording: Ear Hustle

Launched in 2017 from Radiotopia and PRX, this is the first podcast created and produced in prison. The show features stories of the daily realities of life inside California’s San Quentin State Prison, shared by those living it, as well as stories from the outside, post-incarceration. Ear Hustle was co-founded by Bay Area artist Nigel Poor alongside Earlonne Woods and Antwan Williams, who were incarcerated at the time. Rahsaan “New York” Thomas joined the team as a co-host inside San Quentin in 2019. Heard by listeners more than 50 million times across the globe, in 2020, Ear Hustle was named a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize in audio reporting, the first time the category was recognized, for bringing audiences “a consistently surprising and beautifully crafted series on life behind bars.” Ear Hustle has also received recognition from the Peabody Awards, the duPont-Columbia awards, the Third Coast International Audio Festival, and more. Hosts Earlonne Woods and Nigel Poor will sit down together to discuss their years of collaboration, share behind-the-scenes stories from their show, and speak about what’s next. Tickets

Un(re)solved Podcast

What prompted the FBI to reinvestigate over one hundred unsolved civil rights era murders? And what does justice look like for families whose loved ones were killed? Reporter James Edwards seeks answers to these questions, reflecting on his own family’s experiences along the way. Premieres June 11

Brooklyn Santa

Slide and his friends are risking it all for a Christmas miracle, as they look for "Brooklyn Santa" of the Brooklyn projects. Slide's love for sixteen-year-old Gianna has him and his friends willing to risk it all for a Christmas miracle. But first, they must receive a pardon from "Frosty the Snowman" to travel through "Jack Frost's" Projects. This Christmas tale is like none else. It's a holiday story with a modern twist. Premieres June 15

Guardians of the River

This is the story of the guardians of the Okavango water system, a network of rivers spanning three countries in Africa, and home to some of the most endangered animals on the planet. These guardians have a monumental task: trying to protect a remote, near pristine environment facing threats from all sides. This podcast follows what happens when worlds connect, and at times collide, with the common goal of protecting a place. Premieres June 10


Tribeca Talks: Director Series -
Gina Prince Bythewood with Sanaa Lathan

Award-winning director/writer/producer Gina Prince-Bythewood is known for her authentic character-driven work, having directed and written such influential feature films as Love & Basketball and Beyond the Lights. Sanaa Lathan is an actor, director, producer. Love & Basketball, Brown Sugar, Alien Vs. Predator, Contagion, Something New, American Assassin and Nappily Ever After. Tickets

Black Filmmakers vs American History

Given the implications of William Faulkner's famous quote, "the past is not dead, it is not even past", what are the artistic challenges to contemporary filmmakers in telling the American history of enslavement, escape, and emancipation over 150 years ago? Tickets

Black Women in Cinema Panel, sponsored by Warner Media Innovation Lab/AT&T

Topic: Reclaiming Our Image: Black Women Directing Black Women on Screen
Panelists: Directors Loira Limbal, Ekwa Msangi, Nana Mensah, Producer Lisa Cortés and others to be announced.


GRAMMY-Winning Singer Cécile McLorin Salvant discusses her work on the upcoming animated film OGRESSE, based on her wildly original and widely acclaimed song cycle. Get a glimpse at this groundbreaking work-in-progress, followed by musical selections performed live with accompaniment by Pianist Sullivan Fortner. Tickets


The Five Heartbeats – 30th Anniversary

Five friends leave their neighborhood and head for a new type of music - Motown. Coming in on the tail end of a rhythm and blues singing group explosion, The Five Heartbeats (Robert Townsend, Michael Wright, Leon Robinson, Harry J. Lennix, Tico Wells), rise and fall within the space of seven years. Along the way, the group deals with all manner of fame and fortune distractions -- jealousy, greed, too much womanizing and drugs all take a toll. After the Screening: An in-person conversation with Robert Townsend, John Terrell, Tico Wells, Leon Robinson, James Hawthorne, Harry Lennix, Michael Wright moderated by Loren Hammonds. Tickets