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4 Reasons Why 2014 Will Be the Year of OutKast

With their Coachella reunion confirmed, here are four reasons to get excited for the year of André 3000 and Big Boi.

We love genre bending performances, the connection of music and film, and multi-hyphenate performers, and when you factor in growing up in the ATL, you can understand why I think that this might be the year of OutKast. Here's the evidence (with update 1/13/14).

1. André 3000 as Jimi Hendrix. 

The film All Is By My Side, about the year Hendrix spent in London, played well at Toronto and will likely be released this year

2. The Coachella Reunion  

Coachella is a venue that prides itself on bringing back together legendary acts for reunion performances and this one, confirmed last night, will be big. 

3. Big Boi posted photos of him and André 3000 hanging out again in Atlanta and looking like they are having a great time.

This has never happened on his very prolific instagram, so its a good sign for the tumultuous relationship between the two in 2014.


4. April 26th of this year marks the 20th anniversary of their Southern funk + soul + hip hop masterpiece.

We’ve seen some other albums turning 20 this year bring legendary artists out to celebrate, including Nas performing Illmatic at the Kennedy Center. Could OutKast have something similar in mind? We can only hope. (UPDATE 1/13/14: it was announced today that OutKast are playing "over 40" festivals this year. So, yeah!)


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