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Slideshow: Seven Selections from the 50th New York Film Festival (Kidman, Spielberg, Levinson...)

NYC film fans enjoyed the diverse 50th anniversary lineup at NYFF. We’re confident you’ll be hearing about these titles in the months to come.

With a rich history of cinematic lineage, the annual New York Film Festival is celebrating its 50th anniversary uptown at the Film Society of Lincoln Center. This year’s lineup features new works from such auteurs as Olivier Assayas, Michael Haneke, Alain Resnais, and Brian De Palma, among many others.

Also of note is that this is the last year that Richard Peña will serve as the Film Society’s Program Director and NYFF Selection Committee Chair. Mr. Peña will be leaving both positions after 25 years of service. Looking ahead, Eugene Hernandez explains, “A programming duo will replace longtime [Peña]. Kent Jones will return to the Film Society next year to lead the New York Film Festival and Robert Koehler will move from Los Angeles to New York to handle year-round programming duties at Lincoln Center.”

But back to this year! Join us as we celebrate seven diverse NYFF films—involving names like Kidman, Fanning, Day Lewis, Spielberg, Polanski, Levinson, Gerwig, and Baumbach—that particularly caught our eye this year when we headed uptown.


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