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Tribeca Top 10: Mark Sikes

Top 10 Movies of 2011 from's Web Producer. He imagined an all-Gosling movie landscape. Can you blame him?

Top 10 Movies of 2011 from's Web Producer. He imagined an all-Gosling movie landscape. Can you blame him?



Mark Sikes
Web Producer,


1. Drive (Nicolas Winding Refn)
In a tour de force performance, Ryan Gosling smashes his pretty-boy type cast to reinvent himself as a hollywood badass. The performance was so good I split up with my wife two weeks after seeing it partly due to the fact that she didn't think I had the capacity to stomp someone's skull into jagged little pieces to protect her.


Ryan Gosling in Drive


2. The Tiniest Place / El Lugar Mas Pequeno (hypothetically starring Ryan Gosling)
If this were a documentary about Ryan Gosling backpacking through El Salvador instead of a war movie, it would have totally been number 2 on my list.


3. Hugo (hypothetically starring Ryan Gosling)
Because the only thing better than Ryan Gosling would be an animated 3D Ryan Gosling. 


4. Blue Crush 2 (hypothetically starring Ryan Gosling)
Can we get a movie with Ryan Gosling at the beach? Please?


Ryan Gosling in Drive


5. Water for Elephants (hypothetically starring Ryan Gosling)
Elephants + Ryan Gosling = Bliss.


6. We Need to Talk about Kevin (hypothetically starring Ryan Gosling)
We Need to Talk about Ryan Gosling. We really do.


7. The Tree of Life (hypothetically starring Ryan Gosling)
I would have preferred the title to be 'The Tree of Ryan Gosling.' In an ideal world, there should only be one Ryan Gosling movie per eight years.  


Ryan Gosling in Drive


8. Contagion (hypothetically starring Ryan Gosling)
The world has 24 hours to save Ryan Gosling from an unknown fatal disease. Suspense? Hell, yes.


9. Friends with Benefits (hypothetically starring Ryan Gosling)
I don't think this needs to be explained.


10. Melancholia (hypothetically starring Ryan Gosling)
I have melancholia that Ryan Gosling was not in this movie.



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