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André Turpin: 'This Teacher Changed My Life' Video description

André Turpin: 'This Teacher Changed My Life'

"I prefer to do an ugly good film than a very beautiful bad film." In this episode of Cinematographers in Focus, our series that highlights DPs with great stories, André Turpin ("Whitewash") shares what he's learned about filmmaking.

André Turpin was about to study particle physics when he took a film class with a great teacher and decided to become a cinematographer instead. In this episode of Cinematograhers in Focus, the Whitewash DP gets in front of the camera to tell his story. 

"Cinematography is not about how you shoot in light but it's about what you shoot. If you have the right subject, the right makeup, the right face, then you have a good chance of getting a good image."

The Cinematographers in Focus program celebrates the work of Directors of Photography.This episode of Cinematographers in Focus is sponsored by Sony, and was shot on the Sony F55 CineAlta 4K Digital Motion Picture Camera.


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