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Watch the Trailer for ‘Art and Craft’ Video description

Watch the Trailer for ‘Art and Craft’

This favorite from TFF 2014 opens this Friday in NYC at Lincoln Plaza and the Angelika Film Center.

He knew right where to hit us—our soft spot—art and money.

One of the most infamous forgers that the U.S art world has ever encountered, Mark Landis donated his “collections” to museums and galleries across the country. After getting fooled by Landis, persistent Cincinnati curator and registrar Matthew Leininger dedicated himself time to finding the mysterious forger’s identity to learn what made him tick. Art and Craft deftly balances an art caper film with a delicate portrait of an outsider living with mental illness that longs to be part of a community.

A hit with audiences at TFF 2014, Art and Craft hits theaters in NYC on Friday, September 19. If you’re not a New Yorker, don’t fret! Click here to see the film’s expansion dates.


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