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This American Life Spotlights TFI-Funded Project About Bizarre Kim Jong-Il Story

Please stop everything you're doing and listen to this thrilling, stranger-than-fiction This American Life story about the literally crazy extent of Kim Jong-Il's cinephilia that simultaneously focuses deserving attention on Robert Cannan and Ross Adam's documentary The Lovers and the Despot, which was funded through TFI in 2012. The story is described as follows:

"Kim Jong-Il loved movies – but hated all the movies made in North Korea. So he kidnapped a famous South Korean director and his ex-wife, a South Korean film star, locked them up in a villa in North Korea, and forced them to make movies for him. Nancy Updike tells the story."

Listen here.


"I believe that you must be madly in love with cinema to create films." Here is the impeccable Catherine Deneuve in UN FLIC (1972), the evocative cat-and-mouse thriller by Jean-Pierre Melville, one of French cinema's most stunning masters. Today marks his centennial.


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