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Book Your Screening Room Online at The Tribeca Screening Room

The Tribeca Film Center is proud to offer movie lovers the chance to book their state of the art screening room online.

All we want to do at Tribeca is make your life a little easier. Is that too much to ask? The Tribeca Screening Room is making strides in that area by giving customers the opportunity to book their space directly through the calendar on the Tribeca Film Center website. By utilizing the online web calendar, film lovers can check availability and submit reservation requests at the click of a button! How convenient is that?

So film buffs looking for a private space to rent and screen a film (yes, in 3D too) should take advantage of The Tribeca Film Center and Screening Room. This private screening facility (located at 375 Greenwich St) is a 72-seat space equipped for all film, video, RealD 3D and Internet formats, with a small stage and guest podium to boot.

It’s ideal for private screenings, readings and various media events, if we do say so ourselves. Browse the online calendar and book the Tribeca Screening Room today!


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