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‘Broken Circle Breakdown’ Nominated for Best Foreign Language Film Oscar! Video description

‘Broken Circle Breakdown’ Nominated for Best Foreign Language Film Oscar!

We’re thrilled to announce that TFF 2013 favorite ‘Broken Circle Breakdown’ has just been nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 2014 Oscars.

Today is a good day to be in Tribeca. Felix Van Groeningen’s stunning The Broken Circle Breakdown, which mesmerized audiences at last year’s Festival, is one of the five films nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 86th annual Academy Awards. The film is now playing around the country and will come to VOD and iTunes on February 4th.

Directed by Felix Van Groeningen, The Broken Circle Breakdown centers on a complex love story involving quirky tattoo artist Elise (Veerle Bartens) and bluegrass musician Didier (Johan Heldenbergh). The two bond over their shared enthusiasm for American music and culture and dive headfirst into an all-consuming romance that leads to their having a child and a successful marriage — but when an unexpected tragedy hits their new family, everything they know and love is tested.

An intensely moving portrait of a complicated and passionate relationship, The Broken Circle Breakdown, propelled by a soundtrack of foot-stomping bluegrass music, is one crowd-pleasing, tear-jerking film experience.

If you missed The Broken Circle Breakdown at last year’s Festival (or just want to see it again!), click here to see when this incredible film is coming to a theater near you. 

Acquired by Tribeca Film shortly after the Festival, The Broken Circle Breakdown is the second Oscar nomination for Tribeca’s distribution company (the first being last year’s harrowing War Witch in the same category).

Congratulations to the filmmakers! 


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