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Christina Voros: 'I Love Projects That Initially Scare Me' Video description

Christina Voros: 'I Love Projects That Initially Scare Me'

"I love watching movies and realizing that the film that the audience is seeing is exactly the same film that I saw when I was shooting it." In this episode of Cinematographers in Focus, our series that highlights DPs with great stories, Christina Voros ("The Director") shares what she's learned about filmmaking.

Cinematographer Christina Voros, DP of the TFF 2013 film The Director talks about what she looks for in a project and how her experience in documentaries became her greatest strength in making narrative films.

"Great cinematography is something that takes you into a world where the images you're seeing and the story being told are completely inseparable from one another." 

The Cinematographers in Focus program celebrates the work of Directors of Photography.This episode of Cinematographers in Focus is sponsored by Sony, and was shot on the Sony F55 CineAlta 4K Digital Motion Picture Camera.


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