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Leave it to Dave Chappelle to Offer the Most Surprising, Nuanced Take on the Rachel Dolezal Craziness

Amid the ongoing media madness/comic's buffet that is the Rachel Dolezal scandal, the provocatively iconic comedy legend Dave Chappelle has offered his own take on this already polarizing woman — a black-identifying ex-NAACP leader who was recently outed as white by her family — but probably not quite in the way you were expecting...

"There is not one thing that woman accomplished that she couldn’t have done as a white woman," joked the man who definitively, gloriously skewered American race relations during two flawless seasons of his eponymous Comedy Central sketch program Chappelle's Show during a commencement speech at his high school alma mater, the Duke Ellington School for the Arts, this past Sunday. “There’s no reason! She just needed the braids! I don’t know what she was doing.”

Yet in a backstage interview with the Washington Post, Chappelle offered a delicate, compassionate, and altogether more insightful take on the rapidly lampooned public figure:

"The thing that the media’s gotta be real careful about, that they’re kind of overlooking, is the emotional context of what she means. There’s something that’s very nuanced where she’s highlighting the difference between personal feeling and what’s construct as far as racism is concerned. I don’t know what her agenda is, but there’s an emotional context for black people when they see her and white people when they see her. There’s a lot of feelings that are going to come out behind what’s happening with this lady. And she’s just a person, no matter how we feel about her."

When asked where Dolezal would end up in his famous race draft, Chappelle commented, "I think black. We would take her all day, right?"

And as for whether or not Chappelle plans on incorporating the woman who's quickly become a cultural punchline into his own routine, the comedian had this to say: "I’m probably not going to do any jokes about her or any references to her for awhile ’cause that’s going to be a lot of comedians doing a lot."

Or is it because he kind of already has?


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