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Get Tickets To Sold Out Movies

The rush ticketing system works to get you as many opportunities to see your chosen movie at the Tribeca Film Festival. So even if a film is sold out, you can still rush for a chance to see it. It can be a confusing system, so we've outlined the rush procedure for you here.

While rushing does not guarantee you a seat, you can queue for rush tickets that will be administered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Don't be left out of the loop - stay informed of all the details you'll need while rushing.


"There is a space that exists halfway between the man himself and the shadow of his legend and, within that space, there is something that in its own magical and magnificent way can only be true." When it comes to understanding the life, image, and iconicity of Prince, Albert Magnoli's moody and imaginative musical PURPLE RAIN, released on this day in 1984, remains the artist's best and most personal masterpiece. Click the link in the bio to read why. 💜


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