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Get to Know a Genius: Astro Teller

Over the next couple of weeks, we'll be taking you inside the minds of the key speakers participating in this year's Tribeca Talks: Imagination panel powered by The Hatchery. This highly-anticipated, day-long series of events and discussions takes place on April 22nd and features some of the most versatile and visionary leaders in the tech industry.

Today: acclaimed entrepreneur, scientist, and author Astro Teller.

Dr. Astro Teller is a tech pioneer whose passions have guided him above and beyond the industry he built his name in. Among his many achievements, Teller served as co-founding CEO of both Cerebellum Capital, Inc., an investment management firm that utilized artificial intelligence technology, and BodyMedia, which broke new ground in the field of wearable body monitors that are able to measure everything from sleep to sweat to calories burned. Teller currently oversees Google[x], Google's in-house moonshot factory, in which Teller combines science and technology to build magical, mind-blowing inventions like the self-driving car and the Google Glass.

Watch below as Teller opens up to BBC News about Google[x]'s secret lab and the rewards of failure:








Teller has become well-known for his numerous talks, in which he is an inspiring and impassioned speaker unafraid to put forth bold any occasionally controversial ideas about the larger tech world and its extensive future. He is in rare and rousing form in 2011 during this ninety minute talk for Singularity University that doubles as a plea for tech students to "create a culture of innovation" and a thought-provoking rebuke against relying too heavily on common sense:








Teller is also a celebrated author, whose 1997 novel Exegesis, which follows the escalating relationship between an A.I. researcher and her self-aware, Frankenstein-like program Edgar, has been translated into Danish, Dutch, German, Greeklish, Italian, and Japanese.

His latest work is 2014's Sacred Cows: The Truth About Divorce and Marriage, a provocative non-fiction collaboration between Teller and his wife Danielle Teller that startlingly takes apart and radically re-thinks the two hallowed institutions of the title. Here are husband and wife delivering a TEDx Talk on the subject:








It seems unlikely that an innovator as fervent and forward-thinking as Teller will ever grow listless in his position, not when there's still so much to discover and dissect, and so many fields, capacities, and interests through which to explore it all.

Experience the wonder and inspiration of new technologies with Astro Teller and today's top tech leaders for an all-day summit on Wednesday, April 22nd, at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival. 


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Happy 91st birthday to comedy god Mel Brooks, seen here on the set of YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN with the marvelous Madeline Kahn in 1974. ❤️


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Happy 91st birthday to comedy god Mel Brooks, seen here on the set of YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN with the marvelous Madeline Kahn in 1974. ❤️
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