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Get to Know a Genius: Natasha Tsakos

Over the next couple of weeks, we'll be taking you inside the minds of the key speakers participating in this year's Tribeca Talks: Imagination panel powered by The Hatchery. This highly-anticipated, day-long series of events and discussions takes place on April 22nd and features some of the most versatile and visionary leaders in the tech industry.

Today: multimedia designer, performer, and pioneer Natasha Tsakos.

Not every tech innovator can sport the unique if undeniably unusual honor of once being described as “Marcel Marceau on ecstasy” but Natasha Tsakos is certainly in no danger of ever becoming “every tech innovator.” One of the boldest and most creative talents of the current tech generation, Tsakos has built an estimable career integrating interactive, next-level technology with live performance and short-form filmmaking. The Swiss-born Tsakos is the president and founder of NiTC, inc., "a creative powerhouse dedicated to inspiring and activating imagination through theatrical experiences." She is a forward-looking designer, adventurous conceptual director, well-received author, classically trained actor, medium-hopping performance artist, and tireless idea generator whose ambitious and prolific career just keeps on growing.

Watch below as Tsakos uses 3D animation and electronic soundscapes to take a 2009 TED Talks audience on a tech-driven theatrical adventure with her one-woman multimedia show Upwake:








This recent performance of her original piece CLIMAX for The Art Directors Club's 2014 Award Celebration is another prime example of Tsakos' distinct ability to catch and keep an audience's attention through striking, heightened visuals:








A 2013 performance of her commissioned extravaganza QUARRY is another stunning example of Tsakos' idiosyncratic flair, firmly certifying her reputation as a creative virtuoso within an industry not typically known for embracing its avant-garde streak.








Tsakos is also a passionate and perceptive articulator of her own creative work as well as the multiple art forms which her pieces utilize and intersect, as evidenced in this 2014 talk on "Technology in the performing arts" at TEDxBroadway:








It's refreshing to see an innovator like Tsakos jointly pursue her artistic and techonological aspirations with both self-assurance and widespread success, especially in an industry whose notoriously iffy gender imbalances are a frequent cause for concern. Tsakos is keeping the unusual bedfellows of live performance art and mainstream technology on solid ground, even as her grand and gripping work continues to take her only higher and higher.

Come see Natasha Tsakos on April 22nd, at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival. 


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@NBCWillAndGrace creator @MaxMutchnick paid lovingly bawdy tribute to the late, luminous legend Debbie Reynolds (aka "Bobbi Adler") at #TribecaTVFestival last night.


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