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Get to Know a Genius: Ping Fu Will Be at Tribeca Talks Imagination Powered By The Hatchery

Over the next couple of weeks, we'll be taking you inside the minds of the key speakers participating in this year's Tribeca Talks: Imagination panel powered by The Hatchery. This highly-anticipated, day-long series of events and discussions takes place on April 22nd and features some of the most versatile and visionary leaders in the tech industry.

Today: celebrated artist, scientist, and business leader Ping Fu.

To describe oneself as an artist/scientist working within the field of commerce is definitely a job description that beggars one's belief just a tad. But it's a designation that is fully befitting the life and work of Ping Fu, who is, yes, a self-described artist/scientist who has chosen to express her dual interests within the seemingly divergent area of entrepreneurship.

Ping co-founded and became the former Chief Executive of Geomagic, a 3D imaging software startup turned lucrative 3D technology firm that fundamentally improved the design and manufacture of numerous tech products. Recognized as Inc. Magazine's 2005 Entreprenur of the Year, Ping currently acts as Vice President and Chief Officer of 3D Systems Inc., the company that acquired Geomagic in 2014. Below, Ping holds forth on the "Art of science and 3D printing" at a 2013 TEDxAcademy talk:








Over the course of her career, Ping has worked as part of the team whose software project produced Netscape and Internet Explorer, broke vital ground in the development of IT software and 3D printing, served as an inaugural member on President Obama's National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, remains a tireless advocate of the White House's Office of Science and Technology Policy, holds five U.S. and international patents, and continues to be a staunch supporter and active promoter of women within the mathematics and sciences.

Raised in China during Mao's Cultural Revolution, Ping emigrated to America in 1984 after being thrown in jail and forced into exile by a tense government for daring to investigate the sordid practice of female infanticide within China's countryside. Penniless and saddened by her homeland's persecution but nonetheless determined to work and make a name for herself in her new home, Ping waited tables and cleaned houses to get by before discovering an untapped talent for computer programming. Watch below as Ping discusses her struggles and successes in a 2013 BBC Hardtalk interview:








Ping's 2012 memoir Bend, Not Break: A Life in Two Worlds is a New York Times® Best-Seller and an awe-inspiring account of desperate survival and unbeaten reinvention. Here is Ping discussing the book with Google's Chade-Meng Tan as part of the company's "Authors at Google" talks:








Ping's success story is surely the stuff that American Dreams are made of, but it also re-defines that oft-confused concept into an ideal that's suddenly more diverse, dynamic, and attainable than it ever was previously, in spite of all its impossibilities. But even more than that, and at its core, Ping Fu's story is a clear testament to the game-changing, idea-driven, and indomitable leader herself, whose cutting-edge work speaks for itself, whose achievements more people should know about, and whose triumph is clearly and uniquely her own.

Experience the wonder and inspiration of new technologies with Ping Fu and today's top tech leaders for an all-day summit on Wednesday, April 22nd, at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival. 


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