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High Maintenance | Netflix in Cuba | Adnan's Appeal

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You Will Be Missed, John Whitehead
What you need to know: John Whitehead, prominent New Yorker and philanthropist, passed away yesterday. He is remembered for his remarkable contributions to the country as a D-Day veteran, to the city as the chairman of the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation by spearheading the rebuilding efforts of the World Trade Center, among many other professional and personal pursuits that amount to an important legacy of giving back to his community.
Tribeca says: John Whitehead was a dear friend of the Festival and of Tribeca co-founders, Robert DeNiro, Jane Rosenthal and Craig Hatkoff. His extraordinary life is celebrated among our staff today.

High Maintenance

3 New Episodes of High Maintenance
What you need to know: Beloved web series about the lives of some very relatable stoners strikes a deal with Vimeo and releases three new episodes to kick off its new cycle, now on Vimeo Video on Demand. Whispers of a possible TV deal are floating around the internet and in the new episodes themselves. For now though, it seems that High Maintenance will stay on the web; a testament to the increasing ability to make good digital content, garner an internet-based audience, and make a living for flimmakers.
Tribeca says: If you haven’t watched yet, the first 13 episodes are still free. Get hooked.

Netflix in Cuba
What you need to know: Netflix is aiming to expand to 200 countries in the next two years and just announced that Cuba has welcomed the service as of this morning. Cuba’s rich arts culture and robust community of filmmakers was a draw for Netflix to expand its services to the newly US-friendly country.
Tribeca says: This makes the incentive for traveling to Cuba this year that much higher.

Sim Chi Yin / VII for Al Jazeera America

Underground Beijing
What you are looking at: Photographs of the underground dwellings in Beijing, China. Often tiny to a point of question (300 square feet houses 9 people), photographer Sim Chi Yin VII documents members of the “rat tribe”, or the people who inhabit these windowless rooms, providing insight into why and how they are living this way.
Tribeca says: The breakdown of reasons behind the growth of underground housing makes us wonder what other cities in the world might adopt this model.

Adnan Wins His Appeal
What you need to know: Subject of the wildly popular Podcast, Serial, Adnan Syed won his appeal Friday against his murder conviction in 2000 of his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. After Sarah Koenig’s podcast interviewed a key witness, Asia McClain, who Adnan’s lawyer at the time of his trial did not pursue in her case, Asia realized the importance of her role in the case and came forward with a new affidavit.
Tribeca says: Cannot. Get. Enough. Of. This. Story.


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