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There's No Such Thing as "Sold Out" at TFF 2013

At Tribeca, we don't know the meaning of the phrase "sold out." If the screening you want does not have any more tickets available, check out our RUSH Tickets policy and try your luck.

While many Film Festivals simply close the door when tickets for a screening sell out in advance, that's simply not the case at Tribeca. We utilize a RUSH Ticket policy to ensure that we make each film accessible to as many movie lovers as possible.

Here's how it works: For each screening or panel discussion that no longer has advance tickets available, a line will begin to form roughly 45 minutes before the event's start time. If there are seats available, people on the line will be allowed to start purchasing RUSH Tickets about 15 minutes before the event as capacity allows. There is a limit of one RUSH Ticket per person.

While Tribeca can't guarantee that if you're on the line, you'll be able to get in, it's still worth a try, right? If you show up 45 minutes in advance to the screening of your choice, your odds will vastly improve. So pass the time with a book, catch up with friends, or just simply enjoy the scenery. There's no better time to be outside in NYC than in the Spring.

RUSH Tickets are the same price as tickets purchased in advance at Tribeca Cinemas, Clearview Cinemas Chelsea, AMC Loews Village 7 and SVA Theatre. However, all RUSH Tickets sold at BMCC's Tribeca Performing Arts Center (including some red-carpet events) will be discounted. All RUSH tickets for screening will be only $8.00; and for Tribeca Talks® 15.00! And it's a big theater, so why not try your luck? You never know what stars may align at Tribeca.

Take note: RUSH Tickets will not be available for Opening Night (Mistaken for Strangers).


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