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TFF 2014 Trailer of the Day: ‘Regarding Susan Sontag’ Video description

TFF 2014 Trailer of the Day: ‘Regarding Susan Sontag’

This intimate documentary explores one of the most influential cultural critics of the past century.

What I love, what draws me very much to writing, is it’s a way of paying attention to the world.

In Regarding Susan Sontag, filmmaker Nancy Kates explores the life of one of this country’s most provocative thinkers through archival materials and interviews with her friends, family, and contemporaries, as well as through her own observations (read by actress Patricia Clarkson).

Sontag’s insightful  writings  photography on the subject of war and terror particularly continue to  impact the ways that oppression and conflicts are reported  to this day. Never afraid to ask the tough questions or voice her opinions, Susan Sontag is no doubt one of the most significant literary, political, and feminist icons of the 20th century. 

Tickets to Regarding Susan Sontag are still available for:
Sunday, April 20th 5:30 pm
Monday, April 21st 5:30 pm 

Click here for tickets before they go!


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