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Brian Willette - @BrianWillette for Street Dreams Magazine

Tribeca 2016: Best Moments on the Red Carpet

Experience the glamorous side of Tribeca 2016 without actually having to squint through all of the flashing lights.

Unless you're a filmmaker, actor, agent, paparazzi member, or a privileged member of the press, up-close-and-personal access to a film festival's red carpets are most likely off-limits. The gatekeepers—or, rather, stone-faced security guards and stressed-out organizers—are there to prevent the average Joe's and Jane's away from the talent, and it takes both a guerrilla mentality and an unwavering hustle to muscle one’s way close enough to a famous person to snap a rushed, hopefully in-focus selfie.

Although we're unable to magically produce selfies after the fact, we're bringing all of the glitz, glam, and megawatt star power of those lengthy walk-alongs to you right here—all it takes is a few clicks. Check out the exclusive photo gallery above to the best of Tribeca 2016's red carpet action.



Happy 77th birthday to the dazzlingly talented Italian cinematographer Vittorio Storaro, a master of light and color and a relentless godsend to directors from Dario Argento and Warren Beatty to Bernardo Bertolucci and Francis Ford Coppola. #bornonthisday


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