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There's No Such Thing as "Sold Out" Thanks to Tribeca's Rush Tickets Policy

If the screening you want doesn't have any tickets available, try your luck with our Rush Tickets option.

While many film festivals simply close the door when tickets for a screening sell out in advance, that isn't the case at Tribeca. Instead, to make each film accessible to as many movie fans as possible, Tribeca uses a Rush Tickets policy.

Here's how it works: For each screening or panel discussion that's offering Rush Tickets, a line will begin to form roughly 45 minutes before the event's start time. Fifteen minutes before the event begins, people on the line will be allowed to purchase Rush Tickets and get into the event, as capacity allows. Note: There's a limit of one rush ticket per person.

Rush Tickets aren't discounted, and Tribeca can't guarantee that if you're on the line, you'll be able to get in. That being said, if you show up 45 minutes in advance, your odds aren't bad. And let's face it, if a film's screening is limited to Rush Tickets, there's probably a reason why it's so popular.

Pass the time with a magazine, catch up with friends on social media, or simply enjoy the scenery. How long is 45 minutes, anyway?



"One of the things I like about acting is that, in a funny way, I come back to myself." On his birthday, Bill Murray at work on the sets of four movies: THE LIFE AQUATIC WITH STEVE ZISSOU (2004), LOST IN TRANSLATION (2003), GHOSTBUSTERS (1984), and TOOTSIE (1982).


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