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Tribeca Film Institute Award Winner Touted by MTV

MTV's Rachel Paoletta is just as crazy as we are for Johnny Bauers and David Woon's hysterical hip-hop satire Young Flaccid Gonna Die, a student-made short that just won a Creative Excellence award from the Tribeca Film Institute. Check out Paoletta's bona fide love letter to the movie here.

The film, which Paoletta claims is "as good as anything I've paid to see in theaters, if not, better," follows the precarious travails of an arrogant rapper named Young Flaccid (newcomer Shepard McBurnie), who sees his album sales skyrocket after being shot by a rival rapper and declared dead by his money-minded record label.

Young Flaccid is a hilarious skewering of vapid hip-hop culture and certain mainstream rappers who sport the cockiness but have no game.

And admit it: you were sold on this the second you saw the title.

Keep an eye out for this one.



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