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Vaughn's Stock Images | Vice | The Adderall Diaries

Your daily dose of cultural currency.

Fresh off the Boat and Black-ish
What you need to know: The New Yorker's Emily Nussbaum takes a look at primetime NBC sitcoms Fresh off the Boat and Black-ish and the network's groundbreaking to program two shows about minority families. Nussbaum considers the tricky work of adapting books for television in light of the bitter remarks by Eddie Huang, who wrote the novel that inspired Fresh off the Boat. 
Tribeca says: Glad to see network TV moving towards more diverse shows but we are still undecided on both of these shows. 

Vince Vaughn's Stock Images
What you need to know: It's hard to find a stock photo that isn't at least a little awkward. Vince Vaughn and his Unfinished Business co-stars draw on the staged hilarity of the kinds of photos you'll find in most keynote presentations or workplace brochures, complete with just the right amount of diversity.
Tribeca says: The only stock images you'll ever need.

Vice Media to Launch Broadly
What you need to know: Notoriously male-centered media company Vice Media announced its impending launch of Broadly, a women's interest online vertical. Some series slated for the channel include A Day in the Life, which shadows one woman's career for each episode, and How (Blank) Found Feminism, which profiles the feminist discoveries of a variety of public figures.
Tribeca says: With Jezebel's Tracie Egan Morrissey as director of content, this channel sounds very promising.

Grantland in Conversation with Errol Morris
What you need to know: Politcally charged documentarian Errol Morris goes over the ups and downs of his career with Grantland, including his early success with The Thin Blue Line and his latest, The Unknown Known, an indictment of the Bush Administration - namely, Donald Rumsfeld. 
Tribeca says: Morris remains his delightfully cranky self.



James Franco's Love for The Adderall Diaries
What you need to know: James Franco, a friend of the Festival, posted a photo from The Adderall Diaries to celebrate it's programming in this year's Tribeca Film Festival. We announced half of the films slated for the festival yesterday - Documentary, Narrative, and Viewpoint - stay tuned to hear about the rest!
Tribeca says: We love you, too, James.


Happy #Oscars Sunday, courtesy of a bedridden Joan Crawford clutching her Best Actress Oscar for Michael Curtiz's MILDRED PIERCE (1945)


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