19 Degrees

Short Film Competition

Partner: Tumi

TUMI partnered with the Tribeca Film Festival to give 10 up-and-coming Directed bys the opportunity to film their version of the “perfect journey.” The results are an inspirational film series that TUMI is proud to add to its collection of 19 Degree Journey videos.

Bella Monticelli’s Perfect Journey feat. Craig Johnson
Directed by Bella Monticelli
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Zheng Lu Xinyuan’s Perfect Journey feat. Cacia Zoo
Directed by Zheng Lu Xinyuan
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Suha Araj’s Perfect Journey feat. Kristine Rumman
Directed by Suha Araj
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Germain Gulick’s Perfect Journey feat. Christian Pineda
Directed by Germain Gulick
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Kantu Lentz’s Perfect Journey feat. Moses Storm
Directed by Kantu Lentz
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Minos Papas’ Perfect Journey feat. Denys & Antonia
Directed by Minos Papas
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Mike Paulucci’s Perfect Journey feat. ADD-2
Directed by Mike Paulucci
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Cacia Zoo’s Perfect Journey
Directed by Cacia Zoo
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Damien Drake’s Perfect Journey feat. Brain Lisoski
Directed by Damien Drake
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Charlotte & Dani’s Perfect Journey feat. Aza & Jordan
Directed by Charlotte Fassler & Dani Girdwood
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The films premiered at a private screening at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival and were then released on TUMI’s 19 Degree Journey website and TUMI's YouTube page.