Short Film Series

Partner: Bai Brands

Bai teamed up with Tribeca Studios to create a second short film series about artists who are pushing music forward. This one is called The Key Changers. Because you know we like puns. And we also like music. But more importantly, we really like celebrating people who stay true to themselves and defy conventional wisdom. It’s the attitude that’s helping us transform the beverage industry, and it’s that same attitude that’s helping these musicians push their industry forward. So hit play, and turn up the volume. Loud.
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Portland, Maine based musician Kafari’s music crosses style and instrumentation, from synthesizer to piano to rhythm bones. A believer in creativity’s ability to heal, Kafari reflects on music’s impact on his own journey toward healing as he teaches music to children and teens across Portland.
Directed by Erin Sanger
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12-year-old girls are supposed to do things a certain way. Listen to certain kinds of artists. Play certain kinds of instruments. They’re certainly not supposed to play century-old banjo music that bridges cultural and geographical boundaries. But Nora Brown isn’t your ordinary 12-year-old. She’s redefining what a young musician can and can’t do.
Directed by Josh Weinstein
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To find commercial success, most bands have to compromise. They have to adapt and cater to the desires of a mass audience. But in their 8 years together, Chappo has never compromised. Unapologetically committed to their creative identity. But now, they’re at a crossroads. So does the band change? Or do they press forward and stay true to who they are?
Directed by Ghost and Cow
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