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Easter Sunday

World Premiere

USA | 14 MINUTES | English |


Ten-year-old Viv is spending Easter Sunday the way she spends every Sunday—working with her dad on his boat while he gives whale-watching tours. While he’s on the upper deck leading the tour, Viv tends to the injured pelican that she and her father cared for at the research center. But a surprise visit from her estranged mother leads Viv to create a darkly symbolic way to mark the day.


Directed by Jasmine Kosovic

Born and raised in New York City to parents from the former Yugoslavia, Jasmine Kosovic graduated from Barnard College with a B.A. in Political Science, and studied film by holding key production and post-production positions. She has produced several feature films including Angela Robinson’s D.E.B.S in 2005, as well as shorts. Kosovic was nominated in 2002 by the IFP/West for an Independent Spirit Award in Producing Achievement. She has taught at the IFP/West Producers Lab, mentors young filmmakers through the IFP/West’s Project: Involve program, and is a contributor to Filmmaker Magazine. Easter Sunday is her first film as writer/director.