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She Monkeys

World Narrative Competition

North American Premiere

Sweden | 84 MINUTES | Swedish |



When 15-year-old Emma lands a competitive spot on a young women's equestrian acrobatics team, she is taken under the wing of her slightly older peer Cassandra. Obsessed with strength and control, Emma covets Cassandra's natural grace and poise, while Cassandra in turn silently desires more than just Emma's discipline. The psychological stakes of their friendship intensify as the two jockey for top position, and loyalty is traded for unbridled power. Meanwhile, Emma's curious and innocent eight-year-old sister (in a remarkably complex performance delivered by rising star Isabella Lindquist) is prematurely spurred to confront the treacherous frontiers of sexuality and womanhood on her own.

Lisa Aschan's award-winning directorial debut digs between the cracks of human behavior to reveal the seemingly naïve experience of girlhood as a feeding ground for underhanded brutality and rivalry. Using naturalistic direction, evocative imagery, and engrossing performances, Aschan smartly presents a world where creatures may be the safest and most reliable companions.

She Monkeys was named World Narrative Competition Award Winner, and will have two additional screenings on Sunday, May 1. Learn more.

Co-hosted by

Consulate General of Sweden


Directed by Lisa Aschan and Lisa Aschan

LISA ASCHAN graduated from The National Film School of Denmark. She received attention for Fuck the Rapist, a collection of fictional ads for spiked tampons. She also created a drama series for Danish TV channel DR1, attended the Royal University College of Fine Arts, and worked at the Royal Dramatic Theater.
Production Designer
Kia Nordqvist
Primary Cast
Mathilda Paradeiser, Linda Molin, Isabella Lindquist, Sergej Merkusjev, Adam Lundgren, Sigmund Hovind
Director of Photography
Linda Wassberg
Sound Designer
Andreas Franck
Helene Lindholm
Sami Sänpäkkilä
Josefine Adolfsson, Lisa Aschan
Lisa Aschan


Technical Contact
Press Contact
Helene Lindholm
Stockholm, Sweden 11646
Phone: +46.8.462.26.90