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New York Says Thank You


World Premiere

USA | 86 MINUTES | English |



On September 11, 2001, New Yorkers witnessed their fellow Americans' inspirational potential for generosity and sacrifice as aid from across the nation flowed into the city. Two years later, in 2003, five-year-old Evan Parness learned of a devastating firestorm ravaging the landscape and residents of California. He expressed a wish to help the affected children, and from that innocent gesture a movement was born. Since that first truck set out for California filled with toys and relief supplies, the New York Says Thank You Foundation has brought New York firefighters and volunteers to Illinois, Louisiana, Indiana, Texas, and Kansas in the wake of natural and man-made disasters to repay a nation that came to New York's aid in a time of need.

Scott Rettberg's documentary follows the participants of this landmark public service initiative as they commemorate the anniversary of 9/11 each year by rebuilding homes, hospitals, schools, and churches destroyed by disaster. In the process they share stories of survival and hope, and bring a patriotic message of gratitude and solidarity to survivors of tragedy nationwide.


Directed by Scott Rettberg

SCOTT RETTBERG has worked in film and television for more than 10 years, playing an essential role in the films Bled, Ascension Day, and the award-winning independent short Cooking with Cannibals. Scott's television works include Myth Busters, The Apprentice, Starting Over, and Project Runway, among others.
Primary Cast
Jeff Parness, Jamal Braithwaite, Brian Fitzpatrick, Charlie Vitchers, Tony Amato, Evan Parness
Bryan S. Norfolk
Director of Photography
Joel Tallbut
Executive Producer
Jonathan Tisch, Jeffrey Stewart, Leonello Savo Jr., SF Foundation
Associate Producer
Liz Spano
Scott Rettberg
Scott Rettberg, Megan Sleeper, Jeffrey Stewart
Original Music By
Mike Post, Mark Qura Rankin, Michael J. Leslie


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