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Summer Snapshot

Shorts in Competition: Documentary

New York Premiere

USA | 10 MINUTES | English |



One day at a mountain river a group of friends in their twenties drive along winding forest roads, hike a secret trail, and spend a sun-soaked summer afternoon skinny-dipping, strumming guitars, and circling a campfire. Artfully rendered as a home movie from the 1970s, Summer Snapshot is a poetic reflection on the fleeting window of time between youth and adulthood.


Directed by Ian McCluskey and Ian McCluskey

IAN MCCLUSKEY takes a collaborative, DIY approach to making documentaries. In 2003, he founded NW Documentary, a nonprofit that creates original documentaries and teaches others to craft their own stories. His work has appeared in international film festivals, art centers, and museums.
Ian McCluskey
Primary Cast
Anna Farrell, Ed Jahn, Bethany Jones, Allissa Wickham, Aron Stephens, Audrey Kovar, Adam Lucas, Tate Peterson, Sean O'Neill, Stefanie Vermillion, Kelly Godell
Ian McCluskey
The Dimes
Associate Producer
Nell Constantinople, Erin Connelly
Audio Mixing
Eric Stolberg
John Davidson


Associate Producer
Nell Constantinople
New York, NY 10003
Phone: 847.644.6968
Associate Producer
Erin Connelly
NW Documentary
Portland, OR 97204
Phone: 503.227.8688