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Year Zero

Shorts in Competition: Narrative

World Premiere

USA | 24 MINUTES | English |



A month after a bacterial parasite began to plague New York City, a survivor remains barricaded his bedroom, trapped by the zombies beating at his door. Eating captured insects and drinking from a leaky pipe, he ekes out the numbed existence of someone caged and isolated. This animated zombie apocalypse tells the story of man's slow breakup with the world that was.


Directed by Richard Cunningham III and Richard Cunningham III

RICHARD CUNNINGHAM III was raised in Ganesvoort, NY, and started making videos at 15. His filmography includes the Medieval feature Lycian, the thriller short ShE, and the feature mockumentary America the Mental. He's also written screenplays ranging from a romantic dramedy to classic film noir.
Richard Cunningham III
Primary Cast
Pat Rigby, Tim Brennan, Richard Cunningham III, Marie-Pierre Beausejour, Christina George, Bridget Carroll
Richard Cunningham III
Richard Cunningham III
Richard Cunningham III
Executive Producer
Richard Cunningham III, Tim Brennan