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Audience Award Third Place

World Premiere

(none) | 83 MINUTES | English |


Carol Channing: Larger Than Life won this award.


If there ever was a secret recipe for crafting entertainment in its purest and truest form, Dori Berinstein most likely has it. The Tony-winning producer and Tribeca alum (ShowBusiness, TFF '05; Gotta Dance TFF '08) is back with another inspiring story—and she couldn't have chosen a more appropriate subject or captured one more affectionately. With every lyrical word, movements akin to the grace of choreography, and a rich and rarefied storyline that rivals that of any heroine of the Great White Way, Carol Channing's life could itself be a Broadway musical.

Footage from the archives—television appearances, song and dance numbers, and stage performances—show Carol at her best (not that there is a "worst"). Without batting a false eyelash, she effortlessly charms audience after audience with her hilarity, relentless energy, and unique beauty, reminding us that before Barbra or Marilyn, there was Carol. Perhaps the most brilliant thing about Berinstein's bubbly biopic is that you don't need to love Broadway or even theater itself to love or to be mesmerized by Carol. Theatrics aside, Larger Than Life proves that Carol Channing—as a person—is very much worth knowing about.

--Ashley Havey and Caroline Tran