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Love During Wartime

World Documentary Competition

North American Premiere

Sweden | 92 MINUTES | Hebrew, Arabic, English, German |


Female Director(s), Documentary

Unable to live together in their countries of birth, Israeli-Jewish Jasmin and Palestinian-Muslim Osama look hopefully toward a future in Germany together. As the pettiness of bureaucracy begins to seep into their seemingly impermeable bond, both turn to their crafts as platforms for expression and catharsis. Their use of art—she's a dancer, he's a sculptor—to voice the mutual desire and determination to overcome persecution is nothing short of inspirational. Unlike their Shakespearean counterparts, Jasmin and Osama's strong will and faith help them sidestep tragedy time after time. Determined to transcend the boundaries of prejudice, they valiantly fight against everything and everyone (sometimes including each other) to find metaphorical and literal neutral ground.

Love During Wartime peers into the lives of a real-life Romeo and Juliet as they struggle to find a place where they can succeed as not only a couple, but as individuals. Gabriella Bier's expertly edited, verité-style visual commentary uncannily communicates the unspoken anxieties of relationships against the tumultuous backdrop of war, painting a lovers' tableau that simultaneously feels foreign and familiar to anyone who has been half of a pair.

Co-hosted by

Consulate General of Sweden


Directed by Gabriella Bier and Gabriella Bier

GABRIELLA BIER graduated from the Dramatic Institute in Stockholm. Her works, which have been released theatrically and broadcast on TV, include The School Photo. She is currently directing a documentary in Israel/Palestine and developing a doc about Denmark. She also teaches documentary classes at the Dramatic Institute.
Primary Cast
Jasmin Avissar, Osama Zatar, Nassar Abu Karsh, Menachem Avissar, Rana Hijaji, Miriam Avissar
Sound Design
Nicolai Linck
El Perro Del Mar
Dominika Daubenbüchel, Thomas Lagerman
Louise Køster, Tanja Meding
Director of Photography
Albin Biblom
Tobias Janson, Jenny Örnborn
Gabriella Bier


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