None Premiere


Special Event
| USA | 24 MINUTES | English
This quasi-fictionalized documentary imagines a deserted, storm-damaged Kennedy Space Center. With wildlife encroaching, radio transmissions track a massive hurricane and direct any remaining people to escape. Finally, a rocket (in fact the space shuttle Discovery, in the first liftoff since the Columbia disaster) launches through the eye of the storm.

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Brian Doyle
Brian Doyle is an experimental filmmaker and visual artist. His work questions the notion of the common experience by revealing the subtleties and strangeness found within the collision of cultural and natural phenomena. Doyle's award-winning artwork has been shown on television, in film festivals, and in museums around the world.
Editing Assistant
Ry Russo-Young
Editor/Sound Mix
Brian Doyle
Production Assistants
Scott Corley, John Schneider, Ya-Hsuan Huang
Original Music
Kurt Brondo, Tianna Kennedy, Chad Laird, Hannah Marcus, Jeffrey McCord
Sue Butler
Brian Doyle, Mic Knight


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