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Shorts in Competition: Student

North American Premiere

Israel | 22 MINUTES | Arabic, Hebrew |


Thirteen-year-old Ismayil works for the most powerful drug dealer in the Arab city of Lod; Daniel, a traumatized Israeli ex-soldier, often buys drugs from Ismayil, trying to escape his own reality. When Ismayil's little brother is hired to help him with a sell, he decides he's had enough, and in a frantic encounter deep in the city slums, Ismayil and Daniel find in each other a way out of their respective hells.


Directed by Lior Geller

Lior Geller grew up in New Jersey before enrolling in Tel Aviv University's film department, where he completed his studies in 2006. He has been directing various projects for Israeli television and is currently developing a feature film. His most recent film is the feature documentary The Heart of Jenin, a German-Israeli coproduction.
Sound Design
Omri Levy
Erez Koskas
Amit Ginton
Line Producers
Yoav Fuks, Ido Hartogsohn, Darya Vogelman
Art Director
Odelia Lavie
Director of Photography
Nadav Hekselman
Lior Geller
Principal Cast
Waseem Nur Habshi, Daniel Chernish, Mahmud Mura, Osama Rabaya, Haled Mayer Marwat,