World Premiere


Shorts in Competition: Narrative
| USA | 15 MINUTES | Navajo
In the late 1920s on the serene Navajo reservation, Mary Jane spends her time daydreaming and tending to her family's flock of sheep. When her older sister returns from boarding school with a world geography book, she reveals new worlds that are "just over the mountain." Conflicted by her obedient nature and her curious imagination, Mary Jane must privately decide to either maintain her lifestyle or depart into the exotic unknown.

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Blackhorse Lowe
Blackhorse Lowe is from the Nenahnezad, New Mexico Navajo reservation. His first feature, 5th World, premiered at Sundance. Lowe has participated in the Writers and Producers Lab of the Sundance Film Institute, received the Renew Media grant for Left Handed Path, and was awarded the New Mexico New Visions Contract award and Panavision Award for Shimasani.
Blackhorse Lowe
Blackhorse Lowe
Blackhorse Lowe
David Stevens
Nanobah Becker, Chad Burris, Heather Rae, David Stevens
Production Designer
Lambert Blackhorse
Director of Photography
Smokey Nelson
Primary Cast
Brigadier Brown, Carmelita B. Lowe, Noelle Brown, Larry A. Lowe, Mark Camrud, June Lowe

David Stevens
Masani LLC
P.O. Box 802 Kirtland, NM 87417
Phone: 214 796 1440
Print Source
Blackhorse Lowe
Masani LLC

Note: This film will screen as part of the Shorts: Mixed Feelings program.


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