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The List

World Documentary Competition

World Premiere

USA | 82 MINUTES | English, Arabic |


Female Director(s), Documentary
After working for an aid group tasked with improving infrastructure in war-torn cities in Iraq, young American Kirk Johnson returns home to news that his Iraqi co-workers are being killed, kidnapped, or forced into exile by radical militias who perceived them as traitors because of their involvement with the U.S. Frustrated by his government's inability to safeguard its endangered allies, Johnson begins compiling a list of Iraqis seeking refuge and a new life in America—all of them desperately in need of an advocate.

The List follows Johnson's determined efforts over the course of four years and tells the personal stories of some of the Iraqis he has worked to save. Among the successful cases are Yaghdan and Ibrahim, friends and former colleagues who fled Iraq after receiving death threats, and who are now working with Kirk to bring others like them to the United States. This profound and essential film from director Beth Murphy (Beyond Belief, TFF 2007) offers a stirring portrait of an unlikely but passionate humanitarian who has championed the cause of America's Iraqi allies—many of whom have been ignored by the U.S. government.

After the Movie (4/24 only): Stay for a conversation with director Beth Murphy, film subject Kirk Johnson, Executive Director and Founder of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) Paul Rieckhoff, and Assistant Director of Pro Bono Activities at Mayer Brown LLP Marcia Tavares Maack about the current state of Iraqis seeking asylum and issues surrounding post-traumatic stress disorder in soldiers and refugees. Moderated by The New Yorker's George Packer.


Note: Beyond the Screens: Globalize Your Thinking


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Directed by Beth Murphy

Beth Murphy founded the independent film company Principle Pictures. She leads production crews to all corners of the world, often in war-torn or developing countries, to highlight stories of courage and compassion. She has directed, produced, and written nearly 20 documentaries, including Beyond Belief (TFF 2007).
Primary Cast
Kirk Johnson, Yaghdan, Ibrahim, Anna, Christopher Nugent, Marcia Maack
Associate Producer
Beth Balaban, Alyssa Gantz, Nathan Tisdale
Director of Photography
Kevin Belli
Beth Murphy, Sean Flynn
Beth Murphy
Executive Producer
Charles Sennott
Kevin Belli
John Califra


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Marcia Tavares Maack

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Beth Murphy

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Paul Reickhoff

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Kirk Johnson

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Anna Khanakah


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George Packer
The New Yorker