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Love and Politics

Special Screenings

World Premiere

USA | 52 MINUTES | English |


Judith Malina founded The Living Theater in 1947 together with her first husband Julian Beck. When Julian died in 1985 Judith married their mutual friend and lover Hanon Reznikov. With Hanon's unexpected death in 2008, Judith was left to continue The Living Theater on her own. On the verge of her 85th birthday, she begins rehearsals on her new play with her Living Theater cast, but deteriorating health and a slew of financial problems are obstacles to her realizing her dream of a beautiful non-violent anarchist revolution.


Directed by Azad Jafarian

Azad Jafarian
Azad Jafarian
Executive Producer
Mahboubeh Ghods
Ali Yaghoubi
Director of Photography
Azad Jafarian
Sound Supervisor
Melissa Corns
Linus Lau
Primary Cast
Judith Malina, Brad Burgess, Carlo Altamore, Sheila Dabney, Thomas Walker, Jay Dobkin, Jerry Goralnick, Steve Taylor, Homa Hynes, Garrick Beck, Tameron Josbeck, Albert Lamont, Monica Hunken, Brent Wellington Barker, Kennedy Yanko


Press Contact
Brad Burgess
19 Clinton Street #203 New York, NY 10002
Phone: 978 273 5443
Sales Agent
Ali Yaghoubi
36 Heathcote Road Scarsdale, NY 10583
Phone: 917 217 4843
Technical Contact
Azad Jafarian
P.O. Box 1708 Thousand Oaks, CA 91358
Phone: 773 236 7290