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Off Label

World Documentary Competition

World Premiere

USA | 80 MINUTES | English |


A young vagabond couple pays for their wedding through work as professional guinea pigs. An aging African-American Muslim reconciles his memories of medical experiments conducted on him as an inmate in Philadelphia. An Army medic struggles with failed PTSD treatments. A woman mourns her son who committed suicide while taking part in an antidepressant marketing study. These are the medicated margins, those who've gone "off-label"—a term that refers to the use of pharmaceuticals in any way counter to their prescribed dosage or function. These are men and women for whom pharmaceutical use, abuse, and misuse are simply a way of life in a society that pathologizes the individual's desire for health, happiness, and even identity for profit.

Weaving together the moving and personal stories of these people and many more, Michael Palmieri and Donal Mosher (October Country) expose the breadth of off-label drug use and take us on an emotional road trip through an overmedicated, misdiagnosed, and drug-addled America.


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Directed by Donal Mosher, Donal Mosher, and Michael Palmieri

Michael Palmieri and Donal Mosher collaborated to direct the documentary feature October Country, which won a grand jury prize at Silverdocs and was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award. Palmieri has directed music videos for Beck, The Strokes, and many others. Mosher is a widely exhibited photographer and writer.
Ted Savarese, Danny Grody
Michael Palmieri, Donal Mosher
Anish Savjani, Vincent Savino
Director of Photography
Michael Palmieri


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