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Room 514


North American Premiere

Israel | 90 MINUTES | Hebrew, Russian |

ROOM 514

When a young, idealistic Israeli military investigator confronts an elite soldier with accusations of unnecessary violence against a Palestinian man in the Occupied Territories, her integrity and determination are put to the test as the case proves less black and white than it originally seemed. Taking a stand against a perceived abuse of power in spite of her colleagues' advice to back off because of the political complexities of the case, her increasingly zealous quest for justice ends up having far-reaching consequences for everyone involved.

The titular interrogation room—where the majority of the film is set—stands in for a microcosm of contemporary Israel, with the limited setting also serving to highlight the superb dramatic turns by lead actors Asia Neifeld, Guy Kapulnik, and Udi Persi. Inspired by real events, director Sharon Bar-Ziv's debut feature is a gritty minimalist drama that provides a raw, direct look at the psyche of a generation of young Israelis shaped by the effects of the ongoing conflict.


Directed by Sharon Bar-Ziv

Sharon Bar-Ziv was born in Tel Aviv and studied cinema at Tel Aviv University. He acted in film and television in the '90s and later worked as a screenwriter and copywriter. Room 514, produced with the aid of the Israeli Film Fund, is his first feature film.
Sharon Bar-Ziv, Michal Rubin, Bibi Arbel Rekhess
Ido Karilla
Sound Design
Michael Goorevich
Tamir Lempert
Sharon Bar-Ziv
Primary Cast
Asia Neifeld, Guy Kapulnik, Ohad Hall, Udi Persi, Rafi Kalmar
Director of Photography
Edan Sasson
Shira Arad
Sharon Bar-Ziv
Production Designer
Tamara Gleser Shafran


Sales Agent
Bibi Arbel Rekhess
Cinema Alpha Productions
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Sharon Bar-Ziv
Cinema Alpha Productions
17/12 Hirshenberg st. Tel Aviv, 64393
Phone: +972 (0) 502112117
Main Contact
Bibi Arbel Rekhess
Cinema Alpha Productions
1 Zeitlin street Tel Aviv, 64956
Phone: +972 (0) 544829826