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Rat King


International Premiere

Finland | 93 MINUTES | Finnish |


Horror, Thriller
Eighteen-year-old Juri spends his days absorbed in his computer gaming world, to the exclusion of school, friends, and his exasperated girlfriend. One night his Internet ally "Modred," actually another student named Niki, turns up at his door, fearing for his life. Niki is caught in the grasp of a mysterious new online game, and Juri, warned of the dangers but with nothing to lose, eagerly follows him down the rabbit hole. Initially unimpressed with a game that seems to be nothing but a series of banal tasks, Juri soon finds himself immersed in an all-consuming race against the clock for his very life.

In this taut and violent noir thriller, the lines between reality and the game blur as Juri and Niki are absorbed into the game's cryptic and increasingly morbid world. Finnish suspense master Petri Kotwica (Black Ice) crafts a playfully Hitchcockian plot that blends an atmospheric style with a smart use of gaming imagery to bring a fresh and youthful twist to this high school-set paranoia thriller.


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Directed by Petri Kotwica and Petri Kotwica

Petri Kotwica was born in Finland and studied film at the Helsinki University of Art and Design. He has made several award-winning short films, and his feature debut Homesick won several prizes at international film festivals. His second feature Black Ice won six national film awards.
Harri Ylönen
Lauri Porra
Petri Kotwica
Director of Photography
Mika Orasmaa
Ivo Felt
Production Designer
Jaagup Roomet
Kai Nordberg, Kaarle Aho
Primary Cast
Julius Lavonen, Max Ovaska, Outi Mäenpää, Janne Virtanen, Niina Koponen, Miika Ullakko
Petri Kotwica


Director's Manager
Sandra Lucchesi
Gersh L.A.
Phone: 310 274 6611
Kai Nordberg
Making Movies
Ratakatu 1 b a 5 Helsinki, 00120
Phone: +358405073936
Sales Agent
Miira Paasilinna
The Yellow Affair
Götgatan 9 Stockholm, SE- 11646
Phone: +46 8 645 1212
Main Contact
Jaana Puskala
Finnish Film Foundation
Kanavakatu 12 Helsinki, 00160
Phone: +358 9 622 0300
Main Contact
Jenni Domingo
The Finnish Film Foundation
Kanavakatu 12 Helsinki, 00160
Phone: +35896220300