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Shorts in Competition: Student

New York Premiere

USA | 21 MINUTES | English |


Rick Clayfield is a young drone operator controlling airstrikes in Afghanistan remotely from a base in America, and returning each day to his wife and toddler son in the suburbs. Rick is proof that today's "live at home" soldier can fight America's wars while leading a normal life. When he is jolted by the images of the dead civilians killed by one of his airstrikes, Rick struggles to balance his daily combat life with his nightly role as husband and father.


Directed by Casey Cooper Johnson

Casey Cooper Johnson spent the past 10 years abroad in Kosovo as a TV producer, documentary filmmaker, and political satirist. He has produced and directed dozens of documentaries in the Balkan region. Now a graduate of AFI, he is currently developing Unmanned into a feature film.
Sound Design
Brandon Griffith
Associate Producer
Antoneta Kastrati
Primary Cast
Jonah Wharton, Danielle Doyen, Dan Stransky, Rick Gifford, Sola Bamis, Austin James Rodriguez
Director of Photography
Sevdije Kastrati
Casey Cooper Johnson
Robert Litton
Casey Cooper Johnson
Costume Designer
Lauren Martini
Casey Fenton
Production Designer
Danielle Lee
Matthew Horn
VFX Supervisor
Brian Bautista
Casting Director
Dana Forsyth


Casey Cooper Johnson
Crossing Bridges Productions
5361 Russell Avenue, Apartment 101 Los Angeles, CA 90027
Phone: 323 337 7993
Sales Agent
Casey Fenton
Crossing Bridges Productions
115 North Jackson Street #208 Glendale, CA 91206
Phone: 510 301 4603