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43,000 Feet

Shorts in Competition: Narrative

World Premiere

New Zealand | 9 MINUTES | English |

43,000 FEET

On his way to a statistics conference, John Wilkins is the victim of a freak accident, sucked out of a plane when an emergency door fails mid-flight. Realizing he has several minutes before he hits the ground, he reflects on his past, formulates a plan for hitting the ground, and rehearses what he will say to the media on the off chance that he survives.


Directed by Campbell Hooper and Campbell Hooper

Campbell Hooper has utilized elements from film, video, illustration, animation, sound design, painting, and photography in a wide range of international music videos and television commercials. He formed the creative studio Special Problems in 2007. This is his first short film.
Heather Lee, Amber Easby
Primary Cast
Dylan Pharazyn
Campbell Hooper
Matthew Harris


Sales Agent
Lisa Chatfield
Level 3, 119 Ghuznee Street, PO Box 11546 Wellington, 6011
Phone: 043827680
Hayden Ellis
New Zealand Film Commission
Level 3, 119 Ghuznee St Wellington, 6011
Phone: 0064 4 3827686
Amber Easby
Level 3, 119 Ghuznee St Wellington, 6011
Phone: +644 382 7688
Press Contact
Paul Brunick
Tribeca Film Festival
65 N Moore Street New York, NY 10013
Phone: 212 941 2374
Heather Lee