A Better Life
U.S. Premiere

A Better Life

| Canada, France | 118 MINUTES | French
Drama, Relationships
Passionately in love from the moment they meet, idealistic chef Yann and single mother Nadia share big dreams for their future as a family. As Yann grows close to Nadia's young son Slimane, he impulsively buys a secluded restaurant in the French countryside, taking on risky loans to help finance the purchase and renovation. When progress on the project stalls and debt begins to accumulate, it strains Nadia and Yann's relationship. With the promise of a job in Montreal, Nadia leaves Paris for Canada, temporarily leaving Slimane in Yann's care while she gets settled. But things don't go as Yann or Nadia planned, and their choices forever bond them together.

Fiercely gritty in its romanticism, A Better Life depicts the subtle complexities that exist between a mother and son, a man and woman, and an adult and child. As the ever-ambitious Yann, Guillaume Canet (Tell No One, Last Night) beams in his relentlessly stubborn pursuit of his ideals. This is a story of the lengths one will go for the chance at a better life.

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Cédric Kahn and Cédric Kahn
Cédric Kahn made his directorial debut in 1991 with Bar Des Rails. His second feature, Trop de Bonheur won the Jean Vigo Prize and the Youth Prize at Cannes. Kahn enjoyed huge success with his third feature, L'ennui. His other films include Roberto Succo, Red Lights, L'avion, and Les Regrets.
Primary Cast
Guillaume Canet, Leïla Bekhti, Slimane Khettabi
Cédric Kahn
Cédric Kahn, Catherine Paillé
Kristina Larsern, Gilles Sandoz

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