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Certain People


International Premiere

Sweden | 105 MINUTES | Swedish |


Drama, Relationships
Six bohemian thirtysomethings gather at their friend Katinka's idyllic summer house at the height of the season to celebrate her birthday. A bunch of accomplished, upper-class artists and musicians, the group merrily discusses current gallery exhibits over dinner when they are surprised by the arrival of Katinka's wayward twin brother Joel, with his latest conquest Linda in tow. At first, the liberated comments of this brusque, blonde game show hostess are entertaining and fresh, but as the evening wears on she stretches the group's invisible social rules of hospitality. Contempt grows and long-buried prejudices flare up with new vigor, though thankfully daylight brings a fresh perspective to the night's proceedings.

The nuanced, earnest performances from these up-and-coming Swedish starlets promise bright futures on international screens. In his feature film debut, Levan Akin brings an ethereal, mysterious romanticism to the look and feel of Certain People, assuring its characters will question whether the lives they lead may be too good to be true.


Co-hosted by:


Directed by Levan Akin and Levan Akin

Levan Akin was born in Stockholm and is of Georgian descent. He has directed several highly acclaimed drama series for SVT, Swedish Broadcasting Network. He often works with co-creator Erica Stark, with whom he made the award-winning short The Last Things. Certain People is his first feature.
Primary Cast
Mia Mountain, Yohanna Idha, Ludde Hagberg, Lisa Ostberg, Ulrika Ellemark, Fredrik Lundqvist, Anitha Schulman, Aron Flam
Erika Stark
Levan Akin, Lisa Östberg
Mikael Brodin, Bertil Rosenlund, Helena Sandermark
Levan Akin
Fredrik Emilson
Director of Photography
Linus Rosenqvist
Gustav Wachtmeister, Johanna Perhult
Ludvig Andersson
Executive Producer
Lars Blomgren
Production Designer
Erika Stark


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Technical Contact
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