Cheerful Weather for the Wedding
World Premiere

Cheerful Weather for the Wedding

| U.K. | 90 MINUTES | English
On a crisp March morning in 1932, bride-to-be Dolly (Felicity Jones) is hiding in her bedroom daydreaming of the whimsical summer before, helped along by an ample jug of rum. Long-lost cousins and quirky aunts are arriving to the house every hour, and the downstairs living rooms are buzzing with speculation about the bride's whereabouts. Exasperated by her daughter's absence, Dolly's scatterbrained mother Hetty (Elizabeth McGovern) is at her wit's end, scurrying around the house trying to quell the relatives' suspicions. Hetty has perfected all of the day's arrangements, but her plans can't prepare everyone for the arrival of Dolly's unpredictable best friend, Joseph (Luke Treadaway).

Lavish costumes in an expansive English countryside manse define Cheerful Weather's period, while lighthearted humor paired with a steamy romance and the steady hand of newcomer Donald Rice provide the perfect backdrop for the memorable Felicity Jones (Like Crazy, Hysteria) to shine as the mischievous Dolly. Meanwhile, Downton Abbey matriarch Elizabeth McGovern is fantastic as a very different kind of mother, helming this dysfunctional wedding whose weather and participants seem anything but cheerful.

Cast & Credits
Directed by
Donald Rice
Donald Rice was born in Oxford and educated in England and Scotland. He has worked in New York for HartSharp Entertainment, and in London on the productions of Bright Young Things and Closer. His short film Traffic Warden won numerous awards, and I Am Bob premiered at TFF.
Michael Price
Donald Rice
Production Designer
Anna Lavelle
Donald Rice, Mary Henely Magill
Primary Cast
Felicity Jones, Elizabeth McGovern, Luke Treadaway, Mackenzie Crook, Zoë Tapper, Ellie Kendrick
Director of Photography
John Lee
Stephen Haren
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