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North American Premiere

3 MINUTES | English |


When terror rules the world, our children are the future…terrorists. Akram Agha's debut animated film displays a gloomy vision of a world in which terrorism and radicalism rule and new generations of children are being turned into bullets and used as ammunition. While his animations are stunning and imaginative, perhaps most impressive of all is that this three-minute animation is able to impress upon us the tragedies of wars and how they feed on children.


Directed by Akram Agha and Ishai Setton

At the age of 12, Akram Agha made his first animated short. He later studied mechanical engineering and then switched to advertising, during which he practiced screenwriting, digital animation, and film directing. Based in Saudi Arabia, he created Microns Motion Pictures as a new division of Microns Multimedia International, which specializes in animation. He has made commercials and documentaries for well-known brands and is now working on a new animation, The General's Shoes. Attention is his debut film.