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Feathers To The Sky

Shorts in Competition: Narrative

New York Premiere

USA, Uruguay | 18 MINUTES | Spanish |



In a forgotten town in Latin America, nine-year-old Tamara walks for miles each day selling her grandmother's homemade feather dusters in order to buy food. But one day she meets a teacher who opens up an entire world where Tamara's vivid imagination and curiosity are finally allowed to flourish.


Directed by Leonardo Ricagni

Leonardo Ricagni (b. 1964 Montevideo, Uruguay) has worked shooting short films, commercials, and music videos around the world for the past 15 years. His directorial feature debut was the critically acclaimed El chevrole, and his A dios Momo had its North American premiere at TFF in 2006.

Director of Photography
Horacio Maria
Leonardo Ricagni
Production Designer
Jose Pedro Giordano
Principal Cast
Camila Tamareo, Julio Cesar, Jorge Esmoris
Casting Director
Gabriela Burgueno
Executive Producers
Irena Mihova, Nasim Alikhani, Akis Petroulas, Aziyade Poltier-Mutal
Leonardo Ricagni, Raul Pochintesta